NPL Simulations

We have developed an extension to the COMSOL 4.2a RF Module, which incorporates nonlocal effects in the optical response of nanoplasmonic structures. The extension can only handle 2D structures.

The following link provides the NPL extension to the COMSOL 4.2a RF Module to calculate scattering properties of nanoplasmonic structures.

You can download it here: NPL Scattering 2D (24.7 MB)
Alternative link: NPL Scattering 2D

If you experience any issues with the above links, the extension can be requested on email.

If you use results obtained with the NPL extension in any scientific publication, please cite the following paper which contains detailed information on the implementation.

G. Toscano, S. Raza, A.-P. Jauho, N.A. Mortensen, and M. Wubs
“Modified field enhancement and extinction in plasmonic nanowire dimers due to nonlocal response”
Opt. Express 20, 4176 (2012)

The NPL extension requires COMSOL 4.2a with the RF module on either Windows or Linux.

Details on the implementation of the NPL Scattering 2D extension can be downloaded here: NPL Scattering 2D Documentation

Further support:
For further support to the NPL extension, please feel free to contact Giuseppe Toscano.